Deputy Mini Badge

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In the Old West a Sheriff kept the peace with the aid of his Deputy. He often stood guard at the jail, served warrants, and had the sheriff's back. Their role was important and they were in high demand. Often times local businessmen and ranchers were deputized to fill this need. A famous deputy was Wyatt Earp.

Mini badges* are smaller, lightweight versions of some of our best selling Famous Badges of the Old West replica badges. We manufacture our Mini badges out of brass and steel. They are double-stamped then silver plated. Next, each badge is individually hand finished for a unique antique look.

Size: approx. 2" H

*Not a toy. Badges contain sharp points. Not meant for children under 8.

Backside Attachment

1 Butterfly Clutchback:
2 Butterfly Clutchbacks:
Verticle Bar Style Pin:
Jessica Mullen
I love this badge! It's exactly what I was looking for. I've been searching for a deputy badge for several months now and it was soooo nice to finally find one. This badge is high quality, and a great price, worth every penny and I plan on coming back for future needs :D