Custom Brothel Badges

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Quantity Discount on Western Badges:
MIX & MATCH badge styles.
Quantity Discount
5-9 $.50
10+ $1.00



STEP 1: Select your plating color & packaging option

STEP 2: Click on the "CUSTOMIZE HERE" tab

STEP 3: Enter in your text options

STEP 4: Create a custom story for inside the Kraft box lid (optional)

STEP 5: When finished click the green "CLICK HERE TO ADD CUSTOMIZATION" button

STEP 6: Click the "ADD TO CART" button


  • Once your order is placed we will email a sketch of your design. Please allow at least 24 hours and also check your spam folder. 
  • You will have at least 48 hours to respond to the sketch email with any changes.
  • The faster you approve the sketch the faster your order will ship.
  • We usually ship within 1-2 business days of sketch approval.
  • Please review our returns policy for custom made items.

Four packaging options are available

1 - No packaging

2 - Hang card packaging

3 - Leatherette Case

4 - Kraft box packaging with a stock or custom story option

Brothel Badge stock story in the box:

This badge is neither novelty nor joke! Brothel Inspector was an official office. No foolin’! This had to be the cushiest job this side of the Mississippi. Their adventures were decidedly more in the category of an “indoor sport”.

Each high quality Old West replica badge is crafted out of brass and steel. They are double-stamped then silver plated. Next, each Old West replica badge is individually hand finished for a unique antique look. Individual badge finishes may differ (lighter or darker) from image shown.

Size: approx. 2 3/8" H
Back: Vertical, light-duty bar style pin

Maximum:  25  chars.
+$1.00 includes 8 letters.
Maximum:  8  chars.
Additional Fee: $3.00 includes 5 letters. Price per letter after 5: $.50
Maximum:  12  chars.
Additional One Time Fee: $5.00
Maximum:  700  chars.
Maximum:  500  chars.

Backside Attachment

1 Butterfly Clutchback:
2 Butterfly Clutchbacks:
Verticle Bar Style Pin:

Additional Info



2 1/4" H

What is on the back of the badge?

All of our western badges have a lightweight  bar style pin that is attached vertically. 


Can I get a discount by purchasing multiple badges?

Yes, we offer quantity discounts!  Discounts are listed near the ADD TO CART button. You can mix and match badge styles to reach discount levels.


I'd like to request a special finish or plating.  Is that possible?

No, all finishes/platings are done at the factory level and it is not possible for us to change it.  We cannot make antique badges shiny or vise versa.


Can I customize any badge?

No, the way you see the badge in the picture is how the badge is and it cannot be changed.  We do offer a line of badges that are blank for customization.  These badges can be engraved with your personal text or images in the designated engraving areas only.


What is “Double-Stamped” Brass?

A badge that is stamped out of brass first has a mold or die created for each side of the design. Next a block of brass is placed between the molds and the design is "double stamped" simultaneously on both sides using many tons of pressure. This process pushes and presses the brass up and out to form the badge.


Why Brass instead of Pewter?

Brass is stronger and more durable than pewter. Brass is an alloy metal of copper and zinc. Pewter is an alloy metal of primarily tin. Tin is a relatively soft metal and because of this pewter can scratch and bend easily.

Lucky Bill
Aces! Fast delivery. Splendid communications. Couldn't be more pleased.????
Robert V.
Thank you for speedy delivery across the Atlantic River! The three badges (Western Atlantic CSA Railroad, Brothel Inspector and Route 66 Patrol) are beautiful and will have a new life as bolo ties soon.
Cathy Phelps
I am a wood carver and do demonstrations. I like to dress in a cowboy outfit. The Badge I purchased takes my outfit to a new level of my character. Thank you for the realism and the speed if which you prepared the badge for me.
Pat Hill
I purchased a Brothel Inspector badge for a friend who was retiring from a police department, He always joked about working in whore house once he retired. I had the badge personalized with his last name and badge number that he had used for 20+ years. He was THRILLED with the badge, it was a HUGE hit! The quality was way beyond what I had expected, because even with the personalization of the badge the price was extremely reasonable! I would have expected to pay three times that amount based on the quality of the product and the exceptional customer service I received. This was my first purchase from Pieces of History, but definately won't be my last!!
rodney oster
great product, thanks
Richard Bottles Jr
Because I planned on traveling to book festivals this year to promote my new Western fiction anthology called "Westward Hoes," I thought a personalized Brothel Inspector Badge from Pieces of History would be a great marketing tool. I was quite impressed by the production time and expedient shipping, which allowed my badge to arrive well before the first festival of the season!