Combat Infantry Badge Pin

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Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) pin. Perfect size for your hat or vest. Single military style clutch on back.

Size: 3/4" wide

Backside Attachment

1 Butterfly Clutchback:
2 Butterfly Clutchbacks:
Verticle Bar Style Pin:
Not very good. Detail was poorly presented. I would not purchase it again nor recommend it to my friends or colleagues.
Kathy Bell
Love this company and plan to purchase more. Reasonable prices and good folks to deal with. Stuff was updated and sent promptly. I can't give enough praise. I am in love with all the pieces I bought and will again be buying more. I've also begun to spread the word on facebook with the group I belong to with how great you all are in the military stuff. I got so much more than I ever expected and am proud to display it. Thanks for the great service and look forward to the next purchase.