50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemorative Medal

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The 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War commemorative medal honors the service of all veterans of the Vietnam War.

The ribbon contains the flag of the Republic of Vietnam, which consists of a yellow field and three horizontal red stripes. It is flanked by green to represent the jungles of Vietnam. On the left side of the ribbon is the red, white and blue representing the United States flag, and on the right side is the white and black representative of the POW/MIA flag.

Obverse: "Vietnam War 50th Anniversary" is around the top and bottom and set in a beautiful transparent green enamel. In the center of the medallion is bamboo and a dragon, often used in Vietnamese folklore and mythology, and a recognizable symbol of Vietnam. Below the dragon is an enameled ribbon of the Vietnam Service medal, which was issued to all U.S. military personnel who served in Southeast Asia (including contiguous waters or airspace) from 1961-1975.

Reverse: "In honor of your service" around the top and "You are not forgotton" around the bottom. In the middle is the POW/MIA flag, which serves "as a symbol of our Nation's concern and commitment to resolving as fully as possible the fates of Americans still prisoner, missing and unaccounted for in Southeast Asia". Design is stamped into the medallion with black enameling.

Medallion: 1.45" diameter

Backside Attachment

1 Butterfly Clutchback:
2 Butterfly Clutchbacks:
Verticle Bar Style Pin:
Michael Wallman
Pieces of History provided the perfect product for our 50th Anniversary recognition for our veterans of the Vietnam War. I placed three orders and all were filled and delivered in perfect time without error. Thank you! It is good to know that quality is still alive and well at Pieces of History.
Rich Purcell
Fast delivery. The medal, ribbon, and display case exceeded my expectations!
James R.L. Foster
I am a prior Navy veteran. I served aboard the USS Constellation CVA-64. The "Connie" was an attack aircraft carrier. I did two tours of duty off the coast of Vietnam on "Yankee station." I ordered the presentation gift set of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam war. The presentation case, with the ribbon, the medal, and the pin is outstanding.
John M.
Great Price, Good quality set, gave it as a gift, and he was very happy with the set.. I'll be back again !!
Terry W.
A great item that I am proud to own.
John B.
Absolutely beautiful.
John M.
Great Commemorative Medal, Reasonably priced, and very fast shipping, Thank you Pieces of History
Debra Timmons
Purchased the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemorative Medal for my father and uncle. They absolutely loved them! This medal is a thing of beauty and the presentation case makes it that much more stunning.
Lucila Frics
Timely delivery and great service. thanks you
Patricia Newton
I ordered these items as gifts to two dear friends who are veterans of the Vietnam war. They are so pleased and I am so glad I was able to also give them smiles as they opened their gifts. Thank you for making this possible.