Regulator Lincoln County Badge

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Three packaging options are available:

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2 - Hang card packaging

3 - Kraft box packaging with a story inside the box

Regulator Lincoln County Badge story inside the box: The Regulators of Lincoln County were formed in 1878 after the murder of rancher John Henry Tunstall by the corrupt Sheriff's posse. When the law refused to go after Tunstall's murderers, his ranch hands were deputized by the Justice of the Peace, forming a posse known as the Regulators. Thus began the Lincoln County War. They were given warrants to serve on the Sheriff's men, but as it turns out, they mostly served bullets.
Famous Regulators included Billy the Kid, Frank McNab, and Henry Newton Brown.

Each high quality Old West replica badge is crafted out of brass and steel. They are double-stamped then silver plated. Next, each Old West replica badge is individually hand finished for a unique antique look.

Size: approx. 2 3/4" H
Back: Bar style pin

Backside Attachment

1 Butterfly Clutchback:
2 Butterfly Clutchbacks:
Verticle Bar Style Pin:


2 3/4" H
i give 5 stars
VERY happy with my order and items. All the "Western" badges were nicely rendered and high quality.
I was very satisfied by the items that you sent to me ( Lincoln County Regulator badges ), as by the quick delivery. Thanks. Martin.
GREAT service ! Once I ordered my piece it was sent with exemplary service !!! Follow up with my purchase was execellent and shipping was steelar! Love this company!
You can't really have a complete Billy The Kid section in your home without a replica Lincoln County Regulator badge to go with it, now can you? I can officially say that mine is now complete. Thank you
I bought two badges from POH. They are of excellent quality and workmanship and they shipped and arrived on time. Very Nice!
Great site, easy to navigate and was confident that my online purchase was safe and secure. Regulator badges were shipped with care and look great. I would buy from again! Thanks Pieces of History!!
le badge est parfait ! je vous remercie ... je compte en commander un autre merci
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What is on the back of the badge?

All of our western badges have a lightweight  bar style pin that is attached vertically. 


Can I get a discount by purchasing multiple badges?

Yes, we offer quantity discounts!  Discounts are listed near the ADD TO CART button. You can mix and match badge styles to reach discount levels.


I'd like to request a special finish or plating.  Is that possible?

No, all finishes/platings are done at the factory level and it is not possible for us to change it.  We cannot make antique badges shiny or vise versa.


Can I customize any badge?

No, the way you see the badge in the picture is how the badge is and it cannot be changed.  We do offer a line of badges that are blank for customization.  These badges can be engraved with your personal text or images in the designated engraving areas only.


What is “Double-Stamped” Brass?

A badge that is stamped out of brass first has a mold or die created for each side of the design. Next a block of brass is placed between the molds and the design is "double stamped" simultaneously on both sides using many tons of pressure. This process pushes and presses the brass up and out to form the badge.


Why Brass instead of Pewter?

Brass is stronger and more durable than pewter. Brass is an alloy metal of copper and zinc. Pewter is an alloy metal of primarily tin. Tin is a relatively soft metal and because of this pewter can scratch and bend easily.