Route 66 Wings - Classic Shield Gold


The Mother Road, Main Street USA, Will Rogers Highway... just some of the names for America's most famous highway. Enthusiasts from around the globe come to the US just to travel it. Show your enthusiasm for Route 66 with a set of these best loved wings!

Wing is gold plated. Shield is white and black enamel.

Available as a pin in two sizes:

Large Pin Size: 3 1/8" wide, two butterfly clutch backs

Small Pin Size: 2 1/8" wide, two butterfly clutch backs

Backside Attachment

1 Butterfly Clutchback:
2 Butterfly Clutchbacks:
Verticle Bar Style Pin:
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RESPONSE: We are disappointed to hear that a bad experience with your hotel has lowered your opinion of Pieces of History. We assisted your hotel in trying to locate the package they lost and we extended a 10% discount to you so you could replace your order. As you mentioned it was not your fault nor ours and your hotel should have taken responsibility and compensated you for their error."
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