About Us

As a student of world history, a young man named Lowell Jackson developed a passion for collecting historically significant military memorabilia. He thoroughly enjoyed locating and collecting pieces from different countries, all around the world. As his collecting progressed, he learned that in order to fund his growing collection he would need to sell and trade some of his pieces; and thus began Pieces of History.

In 1961, with his typewriter (now itself a piece of history) in hand, Mr. Jackson created his first catalog. Over the years, as he traveled for business, his collection grew vastly and he became well-known and respected in the collecting community. He was sought after for his expertise in collectable pieces and his ability to locate rare and hard to find pieces.

As it grew, Pieces of History was able to branch out into other areas, one of them being manufacturing. Our first product was a line of commemorative medals that honored all of our US Military personnel. Our commemorative line has given people the opportunity to give a gift of "Thank you for your service." Mr Jackson also created a USO commemorative medal which he had the privilege to personally award to Mr. Bob Hope in 1999, as a "Thank you!" for the decades of commitment he exhibited entertaining our troops.

Our level of manufacturing grew and our quality excelled, and in 1995 Pieces of History became certified by the US Army Institute of Heraldry to manufacture US Military Medals. We hold this certification with pride and take it very seriously. We have helped Veterans from coast to coast to proudly display the medals they were awarded. It is truly a pleasure to meet a Veteran that is thankful to you for helping them replace their medals.

The company enjoyed many privileged years with Mr. Jackson at the forefront and he has enjoyed being there. We have traveled across the globe on the trade show circuit and met many wonderful people and businesses. Pieces of History evolved out of a hobby into a multi-faceted corporation dedicated to preserving and celebrating our great American History through products that are not only commemorative, but also informative and nostalgic, as well as fun.

In 2010, Mr. Jackson decided it was time to slow it down a bit and retire. In an effort to keep Pieces of History holding to that same level of dedication to preserving and celebrating American history, Mr. Jackson chose to sell Pieces of History to Sutton Place, LLC. We have worked closely with Mr. Jackson and Pieces of History for over 20 years, so the transition has been very natural and smooth, and we are committed to continuing this tribute to History with the goal of providing high quality products at reasonable prices. We currently offer thousands of original, reproduction, and custom items that are related to many different aspects of American History. Our products are prized by history buffs and nostalgia collectors who appreciate their quality and fine craftsmanship.

You can find our products not only here on our website, but also in locations near you and across the United States and around the World, thanks to many fine retailers who carry our products.