Fire Brigade Badge

Fire Brigade Badge story inside the box:

In the early days of many western towns, fires were fought using ladders and hand-operated pumps or even the infamous "bucket brigade" and most of the firefighters were volunteers.

The first paid firefighting company in the United States was founded in 1853.

Even after the formation of paid firefighting companies, there were disagreements and often fights over territory because insurance companies paid the company that put out the fire. New York City companies were famous for sending runners out with a large barrel to cover the hydrant closest to the fire in advance of the engines to prevent other companies from using it.

We manufacture our Old West replica badges out of brass and steel. They are double-stamped then silver plated. Next, each badge is individually hand finished for a unique antique look.

FREE with every badge: an old-fashioned style Kraft box with a story about the badge inside the lid OR a hang card for peg hook displaying.

Size: approx. 2 3/8" H

What is double-stamped brass?
Why brass instead of pewter?

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