New Western Badge – Tin Star Sheriff

The old west was known as a lawless place.  Outlaws moved west for easy targets and to hide from the law. As more settlers arrived they had a need for law and order. The Sheriff was elected by the people of the town and the pay was very little.   Outlaws didn’t respect the law which also made this job extremely dangerous.  Sheriffs did their best to keep law and order in a lawless place and the symbol of their authority was the badge they wore.

Many films have been made depicting a reluctant townsman or traveler who bravely shows up to battle the bad guy in an infamous gunfight, and in the end he’s rewarded for his courage by pinning on his Tin Star Sheriff Badge.

Get swept back in time and get your Tin Star Sheriff Badge!

This badge is available at  It comes in an old-fashioned style Kraft box with a story inside.

Story in the box…

In the Old American West, citizens of small frontier towns learned that there was one person whom they could always turn to for help in any emergency -  the local sheriff. The frontier sheriff served as lawman, firefighter, paramedic, therapist-aka drinkin’ partner, and was known to all by his distinctive “Tin Star” badge.

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